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Our Services

At EthiqsTax Services, LLC., we specialize in

Tax Services

With EthiqsTax, you’re getting a partner who will stand with you and actively seek out your best interest, biggest refund or smallest legal tax liabilities.

Accounting Services

We resolve problems in balancing a business checkbook and help with preparation of financial statements.

Credit Repair

We work with the credit bureaus and your creditors to challenge the negative report items that affect your credit score.

Payroll Services

We determine payroll liabilities by calculating employee federal, state income and social security taxes. 

Business Registration

We made it easier to register a business. We do all the heavy lifting so you focus on making your business successful. 

Hispanic Services

We are certified to handle Spanish-speaking customers from start to finish.

Russian Services

We are certified to handle Russian-speaking customers from start to finish.

Our Promise

Accuracy is always guaranteed; if the office makes an error in the preparation of your return that results in penalties or interest, the office will reimburse you for the associated penalty and interest initially assessed.

What is Credit Repair?

Credit Repair can involve fixing your bad credit in any way, shape or form, but when most people use the term, they’re referring to the process of disputing errors on credit reports. You can go through this dispute process for free with each of the credit bureaus on your own.
This involves filing a formal dispute with credit bureau(s) in question either online or via email. That formal dispute should provide a detailed explanation of the error and you’ll want to include any supporting documentation you have along with it.

Time is money

EthiqsTax Services is your partner that’s going to take you to the next level in your business and/or personal finances.

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We give you peace of mind

  • We know your rights and want you to understand them too. Before you sign any contract, EthiqsTax will explain your consumer credit rights to you and answer any of your questions regarding those rights.
  • We want to know your story, it is important for us to understand why you want to dispute an item on your report, so we can make sure our three standards: accuracy, fairness, and full substantiation, are upheld by the data furnishers and the credit bureaus.
  • We can explain in detail what we can do to represent you to the credit bureaus. We know what we can and can’t do for you and will be able to outline our services so you fully understand what you are getting.